Thursday, November 4, 2010

One Step At A Time...

growing up in a Christian household has been the Absolute Ultimate! and i was reminded of a good ol' song today from one of my favorite kids shows, Psalty.

When something seems too hard to handle, too big to conquer, too far away to touch.
When all your dreams begin to shatter, and deep inside you, you're hurting oh so much
That's when it's time to say,
I'm climbing my mountain, step by step
I'm climbing my mountain, day by day
I'm climbing my mountain, all the way
I'm climbing my mountain. I'm gonna make it!
one step at a time. with Jesus by my side.

I don't always feel that i can cope. ok, i RARELY feel that i can cope. but then something happens...i get a moment like this...where i feel a huge burst of hope...that's why i'm writing now. i want to remember this hope, and hold on to it. The fact that is comes is proof that i AM going to make it. You may not feel hope at the moment, but HOPE is out there. Hope comes from the Lord.

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